New Mac Commercials

So me and my one roommate were talking on GTalk and started in on some new mac commercials. So I thought I would share them with everyone. So here is our chat log

(23:07:19) Taylor Rexford: need to do a fake mac commercial, where another PC walks by and asks the one from the commercial “Whats wrong” “They…They gave me to a teenager” “Oh, fuck man i’m sorry” “Nothing but myspacepages and spyware as far as the eye can see” “Shit sorry man I’m run by someone who isn’t retarded” “IT BURNS!!!!”

(23:12:12) NerdyNick: or even better. Still keep the same 2 people mac and PC. Both braging about what they can do. mac “I can do creative thing like Photoshop.” pc “So can I, but faster and more efitiant becuase of the right click mouse.” after going back and forth about the same stuff. pc “I know what you cant do.” mac “Whats that?” pc “Play any GOOD games.” mac “Fuck. I’m such a looser.”

(23:13:32) Taylor Rexford: or even better the pc just shoots the Mac in the face and screams who’s trendy now mother fucker? who’s trendy now?

(23:13:43) NerdyNick: haha

(23:17:11) NerdyNick: we need one were a Tux comes in and shoots both in the face and says “What now bitch”

(23:20:07) Taylor Rexford: and than zombie windows rips tuxes throught out and an abacus walks out and simply says “…fuck”

(23:21:10) NerdyNick: lol

(23:22:33) NerdyNick: Or even better have the mac and pc arguing about who stold what from who. Tux walks out and just says “Shut the fuck up the both of you. You both jacked everthing from me. And you don’t here me complaing”

(23:24:43) NerdyNick: or mac and pc are comparing balls to see who has the bigger. Macs got the little asian dick. PC pulls out a good old white american dick. Tux walks in look and laughs. Then wips out his fuck massive black dick.

(23:25:59) Taylor Rexford: then they both turn to tux and say you complain all the time, fuck your complaining now, keep walkin’ mouth breather, pan over to Xerox softly sobing in the corner, he then screams in torment “IT COULDA BEEN ME!!”

(23:27:40) NerdyNick: haha. Sad part is I think only a geek could understand all these

(23:28:15) Taylor Rexford: thats the point, fuck non-geeks, like they really matter

(23:28:29) Taylor Rexford: if you don’t get it you can go to hell

(23:29:54) NerdyNick: ya true. If you don’t know how to use it or you only use it to check myspace you have no room to talk about whos better or be allowed to use a computer at all

If you can’t guess it I’m more of a Linux user anymore. I still use Windows for somethings like web design pretty much just web design. Haven’t found a program that even comes close to Dreamweaver. Sorry guys dreamweaver just rocks. I know you can use wine, but I keep having problems getting it to work right. BTW OS of choice Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake.

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