DIA Sucks & So Does United

So I have been stuck here trying to get back to Montana for the past two days. Every time I think I am going to be able to get onto a flight they cancel the fucking flight.

I have to thanks however Qwest of all people for providing some free fast internet and a place to use it.

I just hope that United gets fucked square in the ass and DIA along side of it. No one here seems to know whats going on at all. To find out any information you have to go and stand in a line for hours. I stud in a line for 5+ hours yesterday so I could get a confirmed flight out today at 2:05. Well get here and what do you know canceled. So get on stand by for a 5:14 flight as well as a 8:45 flight. Stud in line for an hour at security. Then now I’m sitting here waiting for a flight to not get canceled and hopefully have a spot for me to get on.

So all in all Fuck United and Fuck DIA.

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