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I know I have announced in the past new websites that I am working on that well just never get anywhere. Well this is another one of those announcements. The difference is this one I think will really get somewhere.

Why do I think this you ask. Well simple its completely dedicated to my one favorite past time. VIDEO GAMES. Yes thats right video games. Shipero and I, Codec Zer0, are starting a website dedicated to reviewing video games.

We currently have a name and ideas in the works. The only thing we are waiting on is to design out a layout for the website. We are working on something a little more well Web 2.0 but still keeps that gamer feeling. I have seen to many websites about video games that well have a good design but its not up to date. They take to long to load with all the images that make up the website and all that. So as soon as we get the layout finished and on paper you will get a taste of the look first hand.

You may ask whats the name. The name we came up with is Games & Bitches. We currently have the domains so don’t try to take them ( & You may ask why such a name. It all came about when the two of us were just sitting there talking and of course playing games. We just ended up coming up with the idea we were going to start a site for reviewing games that was different and wasn’t being paid by the studios to give higher reviews for there games. You can read all about the things we are going to do differently then everyone on the current home page. The idea for the name just hit us. We thought it would be a great name that would spark a bit of humor, as well as get some interesting responses among people. By no means is it meant to derogatory to anyone. So please don’t think that of the name.

I will keep you all updated on how its coming about as well as post up the final design layout we have picked on here. So check back for update.

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