Gears of War

Well I can finally say I have beat Gears of War. Yes!

I was finally able to sit down and find some time today to play some videos games. So as you know I decided to pick Gears of War sense its probable one of the newer games that I own. I picked up were I had left off with the infamous battle with Ramm (The End Boss). I had been trying to beat him on my own for a while but as we all know the AI in most games just sucks ass. This time though was diffrent I didn’t have AI to worry about because I had Taylor over to help me kick this guys ass.

Once we got back into the groove of playing Gears of War we managed to beat his ass with no problem at all. The ending was great to we managed to get one of us at one end of the train and the other at the other end of the train. We had Raam so confused at who to go after that for a while he just stood there. He finally went after Taylor which opened up a hole for me to just let loose on him with shotgun shells and grenades. It finally came down to him getting so close to Taylor that he had to jump out of his spot and start running back to me. As soon as he did that Raam turned around at started chasing after him. We almost thought he was done for then I managed to score some nice shots in as Taylor was running back that dropped Raam to the ground. It was one of the senses from a movie. You know the ones where the guy comes running out as the building blows but this time it was the guy running as bullets go flying over his head and a giant ugly mother falls to the ground dead.

It feels so great to finally have another game under the belt and to have had enough time to sit down a play a game. So now its time to sit and play another one. This time its the old classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1989 Arcade game.

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