Halo 3 Release Party

Yes I know this is a late post but I’ve been busy playing Halo. So here is what happened at the Release Party.

So here I was the other day sitting at work writing some sick code when all the sudden Shipero gives me a call. Saying that he got the info to get into the Halo 3 release party that was last Monday 24th of September. So of course we decided fuck ya where going. In hopes that it was going to be bad ass like the Bioshock release party sounded. So I get the info from him. Get on the website almost immediately and reserve my seat. With in about 2-3hrs all the seats where gone. Where talking about 30 seats available.

So Monday now comes and we’re so pumped to be going and we’re not sure what to expect. We meet up at the Panera Bread down by the Microsoft offices in DTC. Grab a bight to eat and then start to head down the street to there office. Now as we approach where Google Maps says the supplied address is at. We start to look for a big sign saying “Hey Microsoft is in this Building”. Well it turns out there is no sign. Not a single one that say Microsoft or anything. So we had to find it by looking for the numbers on the building or at least see if we can find a bunch of nerds rolling into a building this late at night. Well we found the Nerds first then double checked the building number just to be sure. After all we are in a Tech Center.

So we park the car and head inside. Once we enter the building we start looking for where the Halo party is at. Well of course no sign again. We end up finding where the meeting floor is at and decide to try there. We hope into the elevator at head on up to the 4th floor. Once the doors open we see our first signs of something actual going on. A nice big sign that says “Halo 3 – No Pictures”. We where in the right place.

Now here is where it got fun. They had 5 rooms all hooked up with Xbox 360 Elites all with Halo 3 running on them. We head into the first room sit down and immediately hope into a massive game of Team Slayer. After a couple games of Team Slayer they have everyone come into the middle break area. So they can all talk to us. To which they say that we will be playing games of Halo 3 all night long tell around midnight and that they will be pulling everyone into the center though out the night to do give aways. To which everyone got existed.

Now it may not have been what we where hoping and all with the Bioshock release party being as big as it was but damn was it fun. They ended up giving out some really sick prizes and we ended up playing some sick games of Halo 3 all night.


  • Forza package: Forza 2, Steering Wheel, Forza XBox 360 face plate.
  • Copies of Forza 2
  • Guitar Hero 2 with Controller
  • 4 Xbox 260 Elites
  • 4 Copies of Halo 3. 1 Limited Edition
  • Wired Xbox 360 controlers
  • Halo 3 Watches, USB flash drives, other misc items

Its now at this point I should tell you that Shipero walked away with a watch and a USB flash drive that we one from the Halo 3 tournament they had that night. I walked a way with the Forza package that I got in trade for the Guitar Hero 2 package. What can I say I already had Guitar Hero 2 and the guy who won the Forza package really wanted it instead. So what else was I to do.

All in all the whole night was fucking awsome. It got me out of the house and I got to hang out with some more fellow nerds and play some fucking Halo 3. Hell ya.

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