PySQLPool Now released on Google Code

Well a while back I may have talked about one of the projects I was working. This project was called MySQLPool. Well I have changed the name and put it up on Google Code for those that wish to download it or development onto it. The projects new name is now PySQLPool. I figured this name would make it a little less confusing when using it in your project.

There has been many small bugs bug fixes as well as many improvements to its speed. Once of the new things you will see is a much better and faster means of interaction with the package. Some of which are quick functions that will generate the objects needed to interact with the package. Another feature I have added is mysql connections based on there port. I have also done away with the Dictionary used to store your connection information and replaced it with a Class that allows you to save your connection information with how needing to know names and make sure you get them right.

I hope you all enjoy the python package and if you have any issues please feel free to report them on the Google Code page.

Download PySQLPool Here

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