Memcached Manager Updated

Managed to bust out a few features and updates to Memcached Manager over the last few nights. Feels great to get some work done again on a side project. Just hoping I can get to finishing the first version of this ting sometime. Still got a nice sized work load and it keeps growing as I talk to people, or wish I had the ability to do something one day.

New Features:

  • You can now double click a Cluster in the Tree List and make it active.
  • Server names in the Tree List now contain the IP and Port to make it easier to make sure you got the right cluster
  • Now when you delete a cluster and/or server it removes itself from the Tree List

Just need to some time do a code base clean up and a little reworking. Tends to happen when your learning QT and Python App creation for the first time.

As always the links for Memcached Manager are:

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  1. servlet says:

    FYI: the mining world is adopting Nick-speak. When DTS (Dan Lynn's employer) was in negotiations with Anglo Gold, they adopted the use of the term "dynamicity." Close enough to dynamicticity. Thought you'd like to know that you are taking over the world. ;)

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