WordPress Mu and The New Blog.NerdyNick.com

Well in an effort to migrate off of my current server so that I can upgrade to a more up to date OS (Currently Fedora Core 3). I have setup a new VPS with WordPress MU installed on it. This new install of WordPress MU should allow me to condense all my blogs into 1 central framework and reduce my need to have to re-install and maintain multiple copies of WordPress for each one.

I have currently migrated this blog as well as setup a Blog for Skeletal Design, Inc.. I have a few more that need migrating. So its going to take me some time, but in the end I should be that much closer to getting ride of the old server and getting a new one. Hopefully I can buy a rack from Dell and host it down at ViaWest or 393 if anything else just rent one for a while.

For anyone who wishes to host WordPress Mu with the intent to have a TLD for each blog you may wish to read this http://mu.wordpress.org/forums/topic.php?id=2076. Took me a little while to figure out the problem but it appear that WordPress MU doesn’t like you to have multiple TLD’s and still allow people to login under each of them.

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