Memcached Manager Updates to Core++

This is just a quick update on Memcached Manager. I have done a bit of work on the core classes and code base to make it a bit cleaner and easier to add new features. Their is still a bit I need to finish in the rework, but at least the bulk of the work has been completed.

I have also condensed the Add Server and Add Cluster dialogs into 1 central Dialog that will allow you do to both in one go. This should make adding your Clusters a whole lot faster. David has also started work on converting the save files to YAML vs the current Pickle approach. This should make it a bit easier for you to modify the raw save file on your own if you wish.

Their is also a new feature that allows you to modify the preferences of how Memcached Manager interacts with your servers or displays the data back to you. This should hopefully allow you to customize it how you see fit a bit easier.

I have also started a new feature to allow you to get keys back from the cluster so that you can inspect the data and/or if keys are being created during development. This feature will also feature a RegEx based key search. It is also worth noting on this RegEx search it can take some time to preform this search as a request for all keys on every server has to be preformed before the RegEx can be executed. I also plan to implement a toggle for support for Cluster being populated by the PHP Pecl package. This is due to some differences in how the library picks what server to place your key on vs how the Python Package choices.

Among these changes their where some small bugs fixed and a few starts on other areas of the app. I also do plan to get some updated screenshots of the new changes. So you can get a better feel of how the app looks. If you have any ideas for what else you would like to see or if you find any bugs please be sure to post your requests on the Launchpad page, and if your using the app please post your usage at the Ohloh Page.

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2 Responses to Memcached Manager Updates to Core++

  1. Agus says:

    Hello i have install the software but i have some not understanding about feature said : '# View slabs on each server

    * View keys in each slab

    * View data for each key '

    On my installed program if i click on tab slab n key info nothing showing. could you help me sir?

    And on search key is come message 'under developing', when the new one is coming….


    • NerdyNick says:

      Currently the View Slabs & Keys by Slab's feature isn't complete. Same goes with the Search for Keys. They are currently planned for versions 0.2.1 & 0.2.2. Where version 0.2 is about ready to roll out.

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