First Impressions of a New Mac User

Well as many of you may know I made a recent Mac purchase. So far it has been a pretty decent machine. However there is a few things that I have come across that I wish Apple would fix and/or change.

Keyboard Layout: Function, Control, Option, and Command keys need to reorded. If you going to force me to use Command as the equal to Ctrl on PC. Then at least place it in the same spot. The current placement of the Command key makes it a little un-functional for use with Copy/Paste and all other shortcuts. In order to hold command+c you have to remove your hand from its standard position. Make your work efficiency slower and more un-comfy to preform for long durations. In order to combat this problem I did have to switch the key bindings for the Command and Control Keys. However the function keys placement makes this not the most Ideal position. I do wish that they would also add a Control key near the arrow keys for the MacBook. With my key rebinding my lazy web browsing methods just do not work the same. I know I can use mouse gestures, but they do not have these for Firefox yet.

I did have another problem with the keyboard in that at first I thought that the naming of the Backspace key to delete was a bad name, but once you discover the fn+del shortcut you begin to understand this naming scheme. Their was also a few other keyboard settings that kind of bugged me like the F1-12 Key’s being auto set to the fn+f(1-12) action taking place over the normal action. This was more of a fact that I was use to using the PC way of using them.

Terminal: Now as I am not familiar with Unix but more so Linux. Some of these may just be Unix problems and not Mac. Tab finishing of a folder name should include the trailing /. This gets a little annoying when your trying to go a couple folders deep. I do plan to get into the Bash configs and add this into it myself but would like to see it as the default action. There are also a few key shortcuts I would like to see fixed. In a normal mac window Command+left/right arrows function and home and end keys, but in the terminal you have to substitute command for the function key. This inconsistency of key shortcuts becomes a little annoying when you are first starting out.

Filesystem: I’m still searching through this one but so far where is /proc. I know this is not a Unix but a Mac problem. Where did you place my /proc folder?

Now I know there a few ton more problems that a normal user will have with switching to Mac from PC, but with my use of Ubuntu and all things Open Source. It has prepared me for a lot of other resources that have already been converted to work on Mac thanks to their Unix under layer. Wine is one of these great apps. On my Linux boxes this has helped out so much with getting Windows apps to work on Linux. That I was happy to see a Mac port as well. After installing that I was able to get my SQLYog installed and usable. There was a few things that I have had to hand compile but so far everything appears to be going good with finding Mac packages of these apps. One of the biggest apps I would like to see a DMG package for is QT. Took me a couple hours to compile myself. Just wish there was an easier and faster way of getting it.

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2 Responses to First Impressions of a New Mac User

  1. justin says:

    "Keyboard Layout: Function, Control, Option, and Command keys need to reorded."

    If you haven't figured this trick out yet then

    Check out:

    System Preferences

    Keyboard and Mouse


    Modifier Keys…

    You could also pretty much remap any key or key-combo by creating DefaultKeyBinding.dict in a KeyBindings folder in ~/Library

    Just google it if your interested, there's plenty out there.

    I switched my caps lock with the control key and now I almost never leave the home row.

  2. Cliff says:

    Hope you're still enjoying the Mac. I love the hardware and dual boot Ubuntu and OSX on my MacBook Pro.

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