PySQLPool Upcoming Release 0.3.6

For all of you who use PySQLPool or are thinking about using PySQLPool in the future. You will be happy to know in the coming weeks a new release will be on its way.

Now this release doesn’t so much focus on improvements but more on documentation and prep work for trying to clean up the coding style to becomes more pythonic. If you are currently using PySQLPool in one of you applications. You will not need to worry about these code changes impacting anything you do. All the old functions are still there. They will just be under the hood calling the new ones. These code changes are to start prepping for future goals for the 0.4 release that will be to try to get PySQLPool more in line with PEP8.

As for the documentation effort. I have been working hard at trying to get everything documented in the coolness that is Sphinx. As some of you will know Sphinx is the tool currently being used for the Python 2.6+ documentation efforts. It provides a great way to document your code in reStructuredText, and be able to generate from those RST files a beautiful HTML based documentation site with a Javascript powered search system. Along side with some improvements with PyPi. This has allowed me to host this documentation up on PyPi. Which you can view at

I hope with this documentation effort this will provided to you all some better ideas for what is going on in the background. Allowing you to do more actions with PySQLPool.

Keep an eye out for this release and the 0.4 release that will contain some much needed improvements. Like much better transaction support, and some slight speed performances.

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