PySQLPool moving to GitHub

So as many followers of PySQLPool may know I’ve already moved PySQLPool over to Github in terms of Source Control. I will also be working on migrating blueprints and issue tracking away from Launchpad sometime in the future. This all depends upon me finding a better way of managing all this. Was hoping Jira would work but trying to host it myself proved to me more then it was worth.

So my reasons for moving to Github are simple those of moving to git as a source control. In my use of Github with many other Open Source projects. I noticed how great and flexible git and Github proved in allowing myself and others to help out with projects. The ease of forking allows for people to go off on there own with the support of source control and create there own patches and improvements.

I hope this movement in the direction of the project can help spure more and faster improvements to the project.

On a different note I have already started heavy work on the next version of PySQLPool 0.4. My goal with this version is to completely stabilize the method names and classes. As well as provide basic backwards integration with 0.3. I also have plans for Unit Testing and much much better transaction support. There will also be a complete overhall of the core of PySQLPool the pool layer. The changes I have planned and started should improve thread speeds at acquiring a connections. As well as improvements in managing the over all collection of connections. In short this version will be a pretty big overhal from 0.3.


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