Free Neighborhood Boundaries

I just found out about this and figured I would share it with you all. Zillow has put 7,000+ Neighborhood Boundary shapes into the Creative Commons for use anywhere. You can download it all here

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Intrepid Release Party

The Colorado Ubuntu Team is hosting a Intrepid Ibex Release Party as well the the 4th Birthday of Ubuntu Party. It will be held Nov 1, 2008 at the Gordon Briersch in Flat Irons Mall Area.

You can read more about it at the Colorado Ubuntu Team Website.

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One Hell of a Fun Night

So for all those who missed it Kevin Rose (Founder of and Daniel Burka (Lead Designer of Pownce) where in Boulder last night. So to share with you the fun of last night here are a couple of pictures that my good buddy Erin took.

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Its Official

Well its official. We are going to have our Ubucon this September. You can go ahead and read my official announcement here

Hope to see you all there.

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Possible Boulder Ubucon

So after last years Boulder Ubucon was a success thanks to Neal. I have taken it upon myself to work at getting us another possible one this year. We are shooting for a September date sometime on the weekend if we can. Once I can confirm a date I will let you all know. Just wanted to give all the world a heads up that we are working towards this possibly happening again. So that you may have a little more time in advance to join us.

Keep watching CoLoCo for more details

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HP dr6812nr WiFi Woos

So after spending several days trying to get my Wifi to work with my new laptop I finally got it work and figured I would try and make sure to blog about it just in case anyone else has the same problems.

To note this problem resides in support for new Atheros Wireless Chipsets. In my case the AR5007 chipset. That as well as the fact that my new laptop has a AMD 64 bit CPU. So now on to the links to help solve the issue.

Launchpad bug that solved it: Atheros wireless (AR5007) not working on ASUS Eee PC
I followed the steps provided by Vnieto.

You can also read the Forum Post that was me working though everything if that may help you at: [ubuntu] HP dv6812nr Wireless problems

Hope this helps someone else out.

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Moving to Google Maps API

Just a quick update on the Map Search that I have been building. It looks like we will be moving to the world famous Google Maps API. We will still support the possibility of using Virtual Earth for our clients but Google Maps has appeared to be the better choice.

I can not go into the full details as to why we are changing, but just though I would like to give all those who care an quick update on the map search.

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Top Reason why Mac’s Suck

So about 2 years ago I made a post on the “Top Reasons Why Mac’s Suck” at the old Blog website. Now yes a lot of what was posted here original is very out of date, but that is not the point. The point I am trying to make is that this posted was made 2 years ago and for some reason I still manage to get hits and comments. I just can’t believe that this simple post “that I made late at night” still manages to get this much attention.

Read it here

If you’ve got anything to added to the discution please feel free to do so.

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Viva La Open Source

So this is a preliminary notification but Burner, Gerber, and I have finally set down and recorded our very first episode of our much anticipated Open Source podcast. We are hoping to have the first episode released by Friday of this week for you to listen too.

Please keep in mind these notes when you listen to this podcast.
1) Its our very first every.
2) None of us have sound mixing, and recording skills.
3) We did it on a shared mic.
4) It was done on a Mac (Boo).\, But it was all we had that had a mic.
5) We are new at this.

but I really do hope you enjoy it.

Listen at

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PySQLPool Now released on Google Code

Well a while back I may have talked about one of the projects I was working. This project was called MySQLPool. Well I have changed the name and put it up on Google Code for those that wish to download it or development onto it. The projects new name is now PySQLPool. I figured this name would make it a little less confusing when using it in your project.

There has been many small bugs bug fixes as well as many improvements to its speed. Once of the new things you will see is a much better and faster means of interaction with the package. Some of which are quick functions that will generate the objects needed to interact with the package. Another feature I have added is mysql connections based on there port. I have also done away with the Dictionary used to store your connection information and replaced it with a Class that allows you to save your connection information with how needing to know names and make sure you get them right.

I hope you all enjoy the python package and if you have any issues please feel free to report them on the Google Code page.

Download PySQLPool Here

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The True Power of Python

It just goes to show you that Python KICKS ASS.

Check more out at

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VE Mash-Up Listed on

So got some awesome news. My Virtual Earth Real Estate mash-up was listed on the homepage of If you want to check it out I have included a link to a screen shot of it in this post.

My Virtual Earth Mash-Up

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Halo 3 Release Party

Yes I know this is a late post but I’ve been busy playing Halo. So here is what happened at the Release Party.

So here I was the other day sitting at work writing some sick code when all the sudden Shipero gives me a call. Saying that he got the info to get into the Halo 3 release party that was last Monday 24th of September. So of course we decided fuck ya where going. In hopes that it was going to be bad ass like the Bioshock release party sounded. So I get the info from him. Get on the website almost immediately and reserve my seat. With in about 2-3hrs all the seats where gone. Where talking about 30 seats available.

So Monday now comes and we’re so pumped to be going and we’re not sure what to expect. We meet up at the Panera Bread down by the Microsoft offices in DTC. Grab a bight to eat and then start to head down the street to there office. Now as we approach where Google Maps says the supplied address is at. We start to look for a big sign saying “Hey Microsoft is in this Building”. Well it turns out there is no sign. Not a single one that say Microsoft or anything. So we had to find it by looking for the numbers on the building or at least see if we can find a bunch of nerds rolling into a building this late at night. Well we found the Nerds first then double checked the building number just to be sure. After all we are in a Tech Center.

So we park the car and head inside. Once we enter the building we start looking for where the Halo party is at. Well of course no sign again. We end up finding where the meeting floor is at and decide to try there. We hope into the elevator at head on up to the 4th floor. Once the doors open we see our first signs of something actual going on. A nice big sign that says “Halo 3 – No Pictures”. We where in the right place.

Now here is where it got fun. They had 5 rooms all hooked up with Xbox 360 Elites all with Halo 3 running on them. We head into the first room sit down and immediately hope into a massive game of Team Slayer. After a couple games of Team Slayer they have everyone come into the middle break area. So they can all talk to us. To which they say that we will be playing games of Halo 3 all night long tell around midnight and that they will be pulling everyone into the center though out the night to do give aways. To which everyone got existed.

Now it may not have been what we where hoping and all with the Bioshock release party being as big as it was but damn was it fun. They ended up giving out some really sick prizes and we ended up playing some sick games of Halo 3 all night.


  • Forza package: Forza 2, Steering Wheel, Forza XBox 360 face plate.
  • Copies of Forza 2
  • Guitar Hero 2 with Controller
  • 4 Xbox 260 Elites
  • 4 Copies of Halo 3. 1 Limited Edition
  • Wired Xbox 360 controlers
  • Halo 3 Watches, USB flash drives, other misc items

Its now at this point I should tell you that Shipero walked away with a watch and a USB flash drive that we one from the Halo 3 tournament they had that night. I walked a way with the Forza package that I got in trade for the Guitar Hero 2 package. What can I say I already had Guitar Hero 2 and the guy who won the Forza package really wanted it instead. So what else was I to do.

All in all the whole night was fucking awsome. It got me out of the house and I got to hang out with some more fellow nerds and play some fucking Halo 3. Hell ya.

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Nan Desu Kan (NDK) 2007 Images

Being that I forgot to take any pictures with my camera while I was there I have some Cellphone pictures and I have tracked down some pictures from various people. As a lot of you know I fucking Hate MySpace. So I have gone to the work to get past there damn login bullshit to bring you some direct links to view picture without logging in. Don’t worry I also have links back to the Persons MySpace page.
My Photos – (Taken with a cell phone)

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Umm Umm GIS Data

So I have been doing a lot of research lately looking for some great data to provide to users of my map search application I made a while back. I am hoping to get a lot of this data implemented into the version 2 roll out of the search application. So far I have managed to trace down some very sweet data. That amazingly is provided by the US Government. Who would have thought that some of these organization would keep track of the data and provide it so freely. So in the efferts of help all other out there that would like to use this data for there very own uses as well as so I have a record of where all this data is located. I’m providing a list of links for you all to use.

Heres is the list:

Keep checking comments and what not for more to come.

p.s. If you have any links that you wish to share please post a comment with the links. Thanks.

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